Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rabbit Bites and Message to Hank

Buzz has been asking for a new McVlog, so here you are. Not industry buzz, although we are getting some of that here and here. No, the Buzz that was needing a McVlog fix was my friend Buzz Belmondo the Filipino entertainer now teamed with Carl Bradley, a former network executive. Sounds strange and funny, and it is.

I hope you all enjoy this McVlog, especially one bright young redheaded man in New York City.

We are gearing up for a daily show here this fall, and I will tell you more about that later. The McVlog will continue as my personal video communication.

Thanks to Robert Scoble and Amanda Congdon for the shoutouts this week.


mari said...

hi Daniel, j've just linked you.

the rabbit is funny and you are a good singer!! j have to improve my bad english so j can listen to you better!!Good ...what time is it there? Here, in Italy, it' s

mari said...

ah..ok! j see now the time, sorry :))

sellersfan9 said...

Good vlog. What kind of camera do you use?

Really funny!

Charlotte said...

Very sweet!

danielmcvicar said...

thanks for the comments, everyone.

sellersfan9 I use a sony HDV A1U...and sometimes my laptop cam

WO7 said...

I can't get over how professional your site and your presentations are. Except for your white microphone, it looks like an oscillating fan with the blade missing.(ha) I guess you would want to remove the blades before putting your face that close to it.

rick rey said...

hey dan... i'm really digging the mcvlog. i didn't realize it until i watched your 1st show, but i saw you at the "meet the vloggers" in july. i hope you can make it to the barcampLA dinner this month:


danielmcvicar said...

HI Rick
Thanks for the tip...I think I can make it.

Amanda said...

hey dan... attention from the bunnies is quite a compliment. I'm sure you've realized this. They only "dig their unclipped bunny claws" into those who are making a splash. Like you!

buns and chou chou said...

Love ya Dan,

Buns and Chou-Chou

danielmcvicar said...

thanks Bunnies...I love you too
Lots of love on this page today!

irina said...

you're too funny. i'd like to invite you to the Vloggies Online Video Awards which I'm hosting in San Francisco on Nov. 4 -- since it's people's choice, I'm sure you'll be nominated! The ceremony is produced by Podtech (Scoble is my boss) and Blip's already signed on as our first official sponsor! Yay!

danielmcvicar said...

Hello Irina
Thank you so much
I would love to come, present, and do a soft shoe.

I will PM you.