Thursday, August 17, 2006

Craig Newmark and the Craigslist Foundation

This McVlog has a special correspondent piece in San Francisco. Craig Newmark invited me to his home to discuss The Craigslist Foundation, a non profit organization. I later visited the office of Darian Heyman, its executive director.

Comedian Pat Mellon wrote a song especially for this piece: "Ode to Craigslist". Thanks, Pat.

The Craigslist Foundation is holding a BootCamp for non profits August 19th.

For a great example of a non profit that could use some help check out Ze Frank's PSBI.
credits: Magmawave, hotboops

Bonus interviews:

interview with Darian Heyman

interview with Craig Newmark

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet; personal, interesting, funny and charming! Keep 'em coming! :)