Friday, August 04, 2006

BlogHer Part One

I attended the BlogHer conference over last weekend, and was absolutely impressed. It seems that so much is bubbling up from so many, that communities are forming and taking hold.

The Blogher Bunch is an example of the power and the growth of blogging and vlogging.

I came to listen, to learn and not interfere. However, I did get to visit with many impressive bloggers, including Arianna Huffington, Lisa Stone and Jory Des Jardins of Blogher.

In part one, I deal with my fears in being a man in a woman's blogger world. There will be more in part two. I am also posting interviews today with Lisa Stone and Jory des Jardins. I will have complete interviews posted with Arianna Huffington, Zadi Diaz, the Mommybloggers, and many others.

Lisa Stone Interview

Jory des Jardins Interview


Steve Garfield said...

Hey Daniel,
Great job.

Informative, funny and quick!

Steve Woolf said...

Every show gets more rich and takes a step toward what I think you'll end up with, which will be informative and quirky. It's great to watch someone dive into this whole thing and be as ambitious as you've been. Kudos to you. It will pay off.

Jenn said...

Of all the footage you got from us, you just *had* to use the ball quote, Dan? You may have to lose one for that! ;-)

It was great meeting you at BlogHer. Keep up the great McVlog.

Lisa Stone said...


Great work! NO, you didn't "get in the way."

Thanks for taking the time to ask both serious and silly questions. I'm glad I got the opportunity to deliver you with my mini-lecture you on how many topics women blog about; you're an excellent student. Which must be why Jenn left you intact.

Nice editing btw - great pace, great cuts and I don't know how you did it man, but the Hyatt pool looks much more glamorous than I remember...