Thursday, July 27, 2006

NewAssignment and Craig

Craig Newmark of Craigslist talks about his seed donation to , Jay Rosen's new adventure in a professional and citizen journalism hybrid.

I went to San Francisco to do a profile on the craigslist foundation, and Craig Newmark was kind enough to give me some time.

He spoke about and I wanted to post this report.

I shot it with two cameras, an HDSony and my laptop cam. I focused the HD on Craig, and the laptop on me. Unfortunately, I bumped the laptop, and the picture is not framed well. However, Craig looks great. After all the years on the soap opera, perhaps I am maturing by making everyone else look better.

He is so well spoken and caring, he will always look great.

To find out more about you may visit its website.

I did get over to the craigslist foundation in the afternoon and visited with Darian Heyman. I will bring that report in the future.


Steve Woolf said...

Nice job, Dan. Your technique and editing style is evolving in a nice way. Is there any more footage? It would be great to see anything else you might have from the interview, too.

Anonymous said...

When is your Huffington vlog going to be edited and ready... sitting on the edge of my seat :)

Zadi said...

Dan, you're my hero. My superhero, that is. ;)

Great report. Keep it up, you're finding really interesting stuff. Can't wait to see the interview with Darian Heyman.