Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Jet Set Show, Steve and Zadi's Wedding Night Video and Rocketboom

In this vlog I talk with Steve and Zadi from "The Jet Set Show". This children's show is their contribution to the new medium. Zadi and Steve also talk about Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron, and their involvement in the show and the future.
I wanted to be kind and not deal with gossip, but the reality is that the Rocketboom blowup has brought more attention to this space in the media.
I am enjoying my visit in this space, and am hatching my own contribution to come soon. Tomorrow we should have ready the 88slide profile.


Steve Garfield said...

Hey Daniel,
That was great. I really like Zadi and Steve's wedding night video. Ha!

I also like your intro and outro. Very cool.

The end part in the Apple Store was very funny!

I'm subscribed with FireAnt!

Tony said...

Thanks Daniel, great video - hope you produce a sequel!