Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MSM meets the Vloggers

I am fascinated by the new wave of communication coming from vloggers. I went Saturday to a “Meet the Vloggers” night at the Apple Store in LA, and just finished my MCVlog 1. You will see more this week....I will profile 88slide, jetsetshow, and noodlescar. Also, there will be some interesting comments in the vlog tomorrow (if I can figure out the editing) from the creators of The Jet Set Show regarding the Rocketboom blowup. My thanks to www.jetsetshow.com , www.88slide.com and www.noodlescar.com . The MSM meets the vloggers.

Peace. Daniel


Steve Woolf said...

Nice to have met you at The Grove, Dan. Keep vlogging! :)

Lan Bui said...

Great first video post. I like that you have joined the video blogging community.