Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogher Part Two and some more bonus interviews

In part two of my report from BlogHer, I look at the growth of the conference, the changes coming on the web, and get a sense of community.

I have also included an extended interview with the delightful Zadi Diaz of .

Zadi Diaz interview

And Jenn and the Mommy Bloggers, don't worry. I will be putting up the FULL interview with you, not just the ball bits. I did take your threat seriously.

Special thanks to my team at MagmaWave, Spencer Bainbridge and Niko Rantala.


Steve Woolf said...

Daniel, your vlogs just get better and better each time. Of course, it never hurts to have the magnificent Zadi Diaz gracing the lens opposite you. Heaven knows that has saved me on many occasions! :)

It's just great to have someone like yourself getting so invested in the cutting edge of web communities.

Steve Garfield said...

Hey Daniel,
Both of those videos were a lot of fun.

There were many text blog posts and photos about Blogher, but your video posts provide another view for people who were not there.

It shows how valuable video is...

Looking forward to more reports from LA...

Back to you in the studio.

mildred garfield said...

Hi Dan

Enjoyed those video"s very much. You are funny, informative and great to look at. What a combination!!

And you mentioned me in the same breath as Robert Scoble as a "the heavy hitters."

I have arrived. ;)