Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Late Late Show , Ferguson, McVicar and Andy Garcia

Watch the video

I got interrupted while I was editing the "Blogher Part Two" report to go and do an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson".  This was my tenth appearance, and it airs tonight.

My old and dear friend Andy Garcia was also on the show , talking about his touching and wonderful film "The Lost City", now released on DVD.

I had shot some footage of Andy on Monday at an appearance of the Cineson All's a few seconds.

The McVlog will return tomorrow with "Blogher Part Two" and some more interviews.



Scott Weiss said...

Hey, Dan
Love your Blog.
It's McVlogg-TASTIC!!

JackFrost99 said...

Vlog-tastic is not even close to being a word, but I TOTALLY AGREE!

Garcia rocks