Monday, August 21, 2006

Reactions and Rabbits

The McVlog has received many comments and reactions, and I thought I'd take the time to address some of the feedback I've collected.

We shot this at Joey's Place, a really cool recording studio dating back to 1936 across from Paramount Studios in Hollywood. I hung out with maestro Joey Altruda.

The McVlog has captured the attention of two funny bunny vlog satirists at I've never gotten that much attention from Bunnies in all my visits to the Playboy Mansion. Oh, and here is a link for one of my favorite recipes: rabbit on a stick.

I will be traveling to New York this week, and look forward to staying in touch.

Thanks to Steve Garfield for the clip, and anyone else who chimed in.


buns and chou chou said...
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buns and chou chou said...

buns and chou chou said...

That part on Liz Henry was classic...LOL/oh my goodness. A very funny episode.

The rabbit on a stick thing though? One word Dan:PETA. We have a phone and we know how to use it.

Hugs...Buns/Chou Chou

Steve Garfield said...

That was great Dan, especially the shaving commercial!

I want to hear Joey play.

Or, does he just stand there with a bass as a prop?

danielmcvicar said...

Joey plays! You can hear his music at

Also, the bit of music underneath the shaving cream commercial is Joey's "Cheerful White People".

And Ben and Chou Chou....I admire Peta, but I do enjoy a good rabbit stew. I am not afraid of taunting bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Shaving commercial is priceless! :D


stbhill said...

this site is awesome. keep up the good work, dude.

oh, and the shaving cream? brilliant.

MaxFischer said...

Seriously, is this guy for real?

Funny tho... I'll keep watching

danielmcvicar said...

thanks everybody...keep watching.
New project coming, we will let you know soon.

Steve Woolf said...

Meant to comment on this the other day when I watched -- this was such a great gift to give someone! I have yet to meet the esteemed Millie Garfield, but it's great to see how much affection she's garnered. This vid really demonstrates the best of what videoblogging is supposed to be - personal communication.

WO7 said...

What a nicely built vlog. How do you post Flash(swf)on Blogger. Do you have to cross-post from some where else?
I'll bookmark and keep watching, this is a great vlog...thanx

mari said...

noo.. are really you? oh..really "beautiful" idea. J like your music vstudio more than Brooke stories!

bye bye from Italy . My mother ..j must speakwith her !!

mari said...

hello mandrillo!!

Anonymous said...


The Mcvlog is great! The stuff is entertaining, funny, and informative! That's just the host!
Keep up the good work.


Sarah said...

How did you choose to use Brightcove? Did you ever think about using Revver?

Sarah said...
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danielmcvicar said...

Hi Sarah
I do post on revver, also blip, and a few others.

I like the look of the brightcove player.

I am expirimenting with a few players and means of distribution, getting ready for a daily show. The McVlog will remain being my personal Vlog, and I will be doing a daily mash up program.