Monday, September 18, 2006

One Big Vlogofamily

I appreciate everyone who has been in contact with me over the last week. Irina of GeekTV had noticed what she calls a vlogger crush. I wore a ZeFrank shirt when I interviewed Robert Scoble, and was surprised when Ze wore a McVicar Beer T-shirt during his show. I nodded back with a duckie from the happy meal on Monday.

This is not a crush. We are men. Macho vlogging men. These are shoutouts.

I really appreciate it coming from Ze. He is the best. If you haven't seen his address to the TED conference, you should.

I've enjoyed being on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for many years, and the people there are like a family to me.

I jumped with both feet into the Blogosphere with The McVlog, and have found a great family and community. There are certain people I admire, certain shows that inspire me. Rocketboom is the platinum standard, with its 3 minutes of daily delight and compressed content. Ze Frank is blazingly bright, funny, and a true visionary. Amanda Congdon, a real rising star, is taking this form across platforms, and now that she is de-boomed she's taking us across the country in Amanda Across America. The first groups I profiled have turned out to be my friends, and their work is wonderful: The Jet Set Show, 88Slide and Noodlescar.

Steve and Zadi of The Jet Set Show are spinning off their RSS News puppets into RSSNews.TV. It must be true that "Hands Up Our Ass Make Us Feel Alive!", and you can see why when Ernesto, their sexy correspondent, interviews me. We did this without rehearsal, script, and in one take. It makes me laugh.

Click to watch the video in a new window

See you soon with a new McVlog.


Oberon said...

.......what is the most important thing?

irina said...

the most important thing is the love. dont you feel the love?

Shaun said...

Yo! I liked the OLD interfew better -- but -- still good.. still good! (clicking = work!)

Mind if I link to you from my blog? I'm adding a few that I frequent.. lemme know!

** Shaun **
My awesome blog:


CoralPoetry said...


If you don’t mind my saying, the puppet needs a makeover. Turn him inside out and start over. Keep the white shirt but add black jeans, a French blue silk cropped waistcoat and matching bandana. He needs a haircut but let a long dark plait tumble down his back from the nape. I would be a good puppet costumier if I were able to restrain myself from pulling off their heads and arms and legs.


Ash said...

hey there. I have to say, this is one of the most proffessional blogs I have seen to date. I just started my blog a couple of days ago and im enjoying it.

its called student common room.

check it out.

i look forward to the next mcvlog

WO7 said...

The Brightcove and a I'm confused.

Hossein said...


Zandra said...


Haha, Good work as always!
Hmmm, a puppet makeover might be interesting.... I could design a *bad* boy hat if I had his measurements :)~

Um Coral.....
Since you seem to like tormenting puppets I really don't know if I *wanna* be letting you *near* my barbie collection anytime soon! :)

Great Blog as always, I'm becoming addicted against my will~


CoralPoetry said...

Excuse me for a moment:

For Zandra,

Sorry about the violence against puppets. One that lived in the lower bunk must have persecuted me in my childhood, using various forms of sabotage.

Perhaps an interview with these cows would go down well.

“Essential information: In the 24 years since they arrived they have been stolen, had 'pyjamas' painted on them, BSE graffiti and even had to have been rebuilt after they were beheaded.”

I wasn’t the culprit. I always tie my hands behind my back to avoid such a tempting impulse. I have the same aversion to garden gnomes and gargoyles
adorning beautiful buildings.


Bar Bar Butt said...

You are so cool, inspiring, witty and original. Can I link you to my blog?

Oh, too late.

Mike said...

Very nice Vlog, light hearted, fun and silly, yet professional flair.. You are developing a cool brand.. keep doing it !!!

Cheers, mike from

Hey, I'm always available for an interview if Arnold is busy.. but you'll have to come to Seattle.

Peace !

danielmcvicar said...

Oh, and link to me anytime, it is appreciated.

Lise Richards said...

Love the blog!! Very cool, very witty - thanks for sharing!

Lise Richards

Charlotte said...

Lovely interview. Made me blush! ;)

forplay said...

who's that cute guy!

also, wanted to show you my new site


captain corky said...

Now that we're on a first name basis Dan, I think you should definitely wear the suit for every video post. Really funny stuff.

Shan said...

Wow Daniel, you have real talent. It's people like you that will prevent all of humanity from being replaced with robots... at least for this century.

It makes me want to add video to my own blog! And then burn it!

CoralPoetry said...

Shan -

You have the lurve thang down to a fine art, but my robot does it better, tending to my every whim.


Anonymous said...

Hah! I thought this was hilarious. You're origincredibly original, but I'm sure that's not news to you.

I'm going to link to the McVlog, FYI. Eh... don't expect that link to get you any more hits than usual, though. I'm pretty sure I myself am the only intelligent life that ever visits my blog.

Anyway, keep it up. The orginiality, I mean.

--Matt (A Weirdo's Perspective)

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woran said...

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madmax said...

You're not too young. That's interesting, because usually young people use new technologys.


I love the out to lunch video!

Uranus said...

hello,I'm a student come from China,your blog is very interesting.I like it. But can you tell me what you can get in this blog?

Anonymous said...

entertaining. does daniel work too?

Juliette said...

This isn't very funny at all. I think you should work on your routine.

blueblanket said...

OK -- this is very possibly the best blog ever. YOU ROCK!

And hey, thanks for the Happy Meal!

muse said...

Heh, very cool, Mr. McVlog. You definately deserved getting noticed by Blogger. Have you considered a TV show? XD

Anyway, I was wondering how you hosted your videos and put them on Blogger, as well as where the heck everybody on Blogger seems to have gone. I beg you, in your awesome Blogger wisdom, to answer me this: why has nobody updated their blogs since 2004/5??? >.< It's driving me nuts, and I thought you might know the answer.

Thanks a million, and may your blog continue to get tons of well-deserved attention.


Anonymous said...

you are such a great actor. I loved you in Magnum P.I.

the band hottie said...

i really like the videos.. very original ^_^

C said...

You are so charming. I love your voice.

maximira said...

nice videos indeed! i wish i can make one soon! lol

Can u tell me what software u used?


Ernest Shrimpton said...

youre a hasbeen and your blog is terrible, youre so far from funny its embarrassing
im sure youre whole house smells like McDonalds you uninspired bastard
anybody wants to check out a blog run by people who dont spend time trying to invigorate a sagging career (we never had one) come to

lol *hugs*

CoralPoetry said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ancient Clown said...

I like the video setup you have here...first time I've seen this kind. Is there a restriction to video times?
I don't know if you do documentary reviews, but I'd appreciate any feedback on my first flick called "Heaven's Heroes".

Kay Dennison said...

I'm really enjoying the McVlog! What a hoot! Keep up the great work! And stop by my place and say hello sometime!