Saturday, December 23, 2006

Five Things

I've been tagged twice for the five things blog tag game by Rick Rey and Drew Olanoff.

Does that mean?
a) I must list ten things, and tag ten people.
b) The two tags meet here, and therefore I do not tag further.

Please leave your opinion in the comments. If there is tagging, then I will tag from my comments.

OK , here they are. Five things that you may not know about me.

1. My left foot is slightly larger than my right. That means, I suppose, I dress to my left, at least in regard to socks.
2. I was named the "Betty Crocker All American Family Leader of Tomorrow", by General Mills when I was a Senior in High School. Cooking was not involved.
3. I spend more quiet time than not.
4. I play saxophone (infrequently now, and worse than Bill Clinton)
5. I just read the biography of "Cod" by Mark Kulansky. With our oceans being completely fished out in forty years, it is more interesting than you may think.

The best place to find McVideo these days is on my site and a community for creative professionals at . You may still see the McVlog Archives here.

At the end of her journey across America, Amanda Congdon stopped by and we had a great talk, and an energizing dance. This is the interview...I thought that you would enjoy it.

Also John Furrier, CEO ofPodtech had grabbed me for a few questions at the Vloggies in November.

See you at The Late Nite Mash