Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Secret Identities

I have met the Scobleizer, a superhero in his own transparent way. And here in Hollywood, I met a young lady with her own secret identity.

In this McVlog I also reveal an identity from my past.

All this and a pillowfight.

Oh, and a shoutout to Steve Garfield. What is your secret identity?

Monday, September 18, 2006

One Big Vlogofamily

I appreciate everyone who has been in contact with me over the last week. Irina of GeekTV had noticed what she calls a vlogger crush. I wore a ZeFrank shirt when I interviewed Robert Scoble, and was surprised when Ze wore a McVicar Beer T-shirt during his show. I nodded back with a duckie from the happy meal on Monday.

This is not a crush. We are men. Macho vlogging men. These are shoutouts.

I really appreciate it coming from Ze. He is the best. If you haven't seen his address to the TED conference, you should.

I've enjoyed being on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for many years, and the people there are like a family to me.

I jumped with both feet into the Blogosphere with The McVlog, and have found a great family and community. There are certain people I admire, certain shows that inspire me. Rocketboom is the platinum standard, with its 3 minutes of daily delight and compressed content. Ze Frank is blazingly bright, funny, and a true visionary. Amanda Congdon, a real rising star, is taking this form across platforms, and now that she is de-boomed she's taking us across the country in Amanda Across America. The first groups I profiled have turned out to be my friends, and their work is wonderful: The Jet Set Show, 88Slide and Noodlescar.

Steve and Zadi of The Jet Set Show are spinning off their RSS News puppets into RSSNews.TV. It must be true that "Hands Up Our Ass Make Us Feel Alive!", and you can see why when Ernesto, their sexy correspondent, interviews me. We did this without rehearsal, script, and in one take. It makes me laugh.

Click to watch the video in a new window

See you soon with a new McVlog.

Out to Lunch

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I noticed a great deal of traffic this weekend, not on the roads, but on my blog. thanks to Blogger for making me a Blog of Note(do I get a plaque?) and to all who visited. It is time to step up my game.

But first, I want to take you all to lunch. Come on!

p.s. for some reason this blog was down for a couple of hours. It is back, and I will stay so that the terrorists don't win.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Robert Scoble: The Blogger King

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From the Hollywood Hills to an undisclosed location in Silicon Valley, I tracked down the King of the Bloggers, Robert Scoble.

Robert is one of the most positive and delightful people that I have had the pleasure to know. I interviewed him for the McVlog, and also enjoyed his company over dinner. I also had the pleasure of meeting his lovely wife Maryam.

I can see why Robert has become such a force and voice in technology. He is candid, curious and has a certain kindness.

Although he should never be underestimated, for he will confront evil in his online persona "The Scobleizer".

I am looking forward to his video work coming soon. I would like to see where his curious mind takes us. And Robert, my vote for the name of your show is "The Scoble Show". 'Nuff said.

Here you can see our report, and also a more complete interview with Robert.

Have a great weekend everyone.