Sunday, November 12, 2006

Amanda Congdon Interview

At the end of her journey across America, Amanda Congdon stopped by and we had a great talk, and an energizing dance. This is the interview...I thought that you would enjoy it.

Amanda Congdon is a great star that is emerging from the new media. She just announced a deal with HBO to develop a series, and has much more to come after her arrival in Los Angeles.

She is one reason that I started doing this, and it was a special pleasure and privilege to get to know her, and be part of her journey Amanda Across America.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel, great job on both the Mc Vlog as well as the late nite mash.
Tuning in from Holland curious to what Daniel is up to while wondering around in the blogosphere I realy feel that a worldwide audience could turn the late nite mash initiative into the succes it deserves to be.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dan and Amanda,

Ehem ... Nice tango!!! Or was it the baby dance?


p.s. This is really a test to see if I can post, having only just converted to a beta.

Anonymous said...


Well, that worked. And my poppy pic got posted!!! I lost all the profile pics on my site during the conversion and some people who were real people are now anonymous persons. This is cyberstrange.


Anonymous said...


I’m would like to express my appreciation here as I haven’t joined the latenitemash and don’t know if I can comment as a non-member.

I enjoyed the entire Movie Night (17th) clip, e s p e c I a l l y the contribution from Grkr – WOW – the melting iced brain with emerging blackbird really rocks. I love surreal. Some of my poems are like that – It's good to get into the swing of strange, but I am always scared of the wind changing direction and my muse remaining that way forever.


Kelley Bell said...


You go from a serious discussion about next generation media, and connecting to a community of intelligent people, to doin' the silly white people dance!

What an adorable pair of goofballs!

Im dancing with ya, in my robe and fuzzy slippers.

Drew said...

tag, you're it!