Monday, October 23, 2006

Where Has He Been?

The Late Nite Mash

Hello! Where have I been? I've been getting ready for The Late Nite Mash , working on the web site and community, and grateful for all those that have joined. The party is getting started.

The Late Nite Mash starts October 30th....get ready for that. And come join the community now at .

You may leave a comment and let me know where you thought I might have been.

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Ernesto said...

Ernesto thought you were perhaps bedding many beautiful babies.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were in the midwest helping an old college buddy move to a new house OR you were in Mexico recovering from surgery.

Lonesome Jim said...

He's Superman, remember? He was at his fortress of solitude.

Amelia Watson said...

Hey there Clint... ehh... or was it... can't remember the name, Bucky... ;)
When you're done building, rebuilding and testing that time mashine (oh, I got it *sigh*) I'm the first in line for a ride!
Don't you forget that! ;)

WO7 said...

I though you may have "lost the ranch" in a poker game and had to walk home.

Shaun said...

Great work Danny boy! I thought you were out on your cross continent buying lunch for your readers spree.

BTW, where's my lunch?

** Shaun **
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Anonymous said...
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