Friday, October 06, 2006

Rocketboom and an Announcement

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Every idea starts with inspiration. I created the McVlog because of all the great Internet video being produced.

Here we profile Rocketboom, perhaps the online video leader. I caught up with host Joanne Colan and producer Andrew Michael fact, I took them to the airport after the Podcasting and Portable Media Expo. I rushed them there in my hybrid, just in time to conduct the interview. It was a fun and interesting drive, and I discovered Joanne almost became the voice of a navigation system. She knows L.A., so I turned off the navigation and let her tell me where to go. Oh, and she did.

In the profile, I talk about Rocketboom, Joanne Colan and her title as "The Hottest Woman on the Planet", and the future of Rocketboom with Andrew. Of course, any story about Rocketboom would be incomplete without mentioning Amanda Congdon, who is now traveling across the United States in a Ford hybrid in Amanda Across America.

We are starting our own journey here. I am announcing the next step in this online world: "The Late Nite Mash".

“The Late Nite Mash” is “The Tonight Show” compressed and re-imagined for the Web. Three minutes a day, posted at noon in LA, the show is a happening; with interesting guests, new music, smart humor, and popular web videos, all presented with a hip after-hours sensibility. “The Late Nite Mash” has a community of viewer contributors submitting videos and music. The website,, is a social network and a show in itself, but the daily “Late Nite Mash” show sets the standard with celebrities and discoveries.

The site is up and running in beta (aren't we all?), and the show will be in previews soon. Join in, the party is getting started. Make a profile and say hello.

Also included in this McVlog package is the complete interview with Andrew and Joanne. Let it's after the promo.

Oh, and guess which Wikipedia page is real?
Daniel McVicar
Daniel McVicar


Steve Woolf said...

Good to see the high profile interviews continue. Both the Jet Setters are signed up at the Late Nite Mash site and we're looking forward to the first show!

Lan Bui said...

Great, I just signed up too!!!

Steve Garfield said...

Monkees drinking soda!

Shan said...

Dan, I want to help make the Late Nite Mash the best late night show on the planet. Then I bet that Hottest Woman (on the Planet) will want to co-host. Regardless, I'm signing up!

WO7 said...

Thanks for plugging my invention, I just wish you hadn't said my name so loudly. I hope my congregation wasn't watching.

CoralPoetry said...


I clicked on the late night Craig F videos for the first time. Seriously, you are well trained in the scary department, deploying a variety of facets and faces; you should be landing great baddie roles. As a note on the side: I LOVE Charlotte -for she has only ONE friend. It is quality that counts, not the quantity.


misskelly said...

I'll never trust wikipedia again...

Love your Vlog. Definitely gonna check out Rocketboom.

Teresa said...

I also saw the videos Craig Ferguson videos on your website....very funny!
The Late Nite Mash seems like it going to be fun.

Shaun said...

Dan, great post as usual! Props buddy! Enjoying the production work and writing!

Awesome - can't wait to check out latenightmash...

** Shaun **
My awesome blog:


Rick Rey said...

I'm ready to mash it up! See you all there...